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Your Lifecare Concierge Manager

At Private Client by Bupa we want to make sure you are well looked after through every stage of your journey. Our Lifecare Concierge Managers are on hand to help you with all the wellness and wellbeing benefits accessible through your Ultimate Global Health Plan.

There’s nothing more important than your health. This is why we are here to support you in your lifecare journey, offering access to proactive services, such as checks and scans, as well as preventive treatments you can use anytime to help prevent illnesses, rather than just treat them.

Make the most of your premium health insurance policy and speak with a Lifecare Concierge Manager to find out more about the world-class clinical services and benefits available to you as a Bupa Private Client.

, image shows a family sitting on wooden decking with their feet in the water, reading to a young child Person receiving physiotherapy from female physiotherapist in treatment room
Person receiving physiotherapy from female physiotherapist in treatment room



Healthy habits and regular health checks can help prevent and manage illness, and as a Private Client, you or a family dependant can access a cancer specialist centre in the UK as soon as you need to check out any worrying symptoms.

Various factors can cause delays to diagnosis, including difficulties in making an appointment to see a GP at a convenient time, long waiting times once you have made an appointment, and delays in being referred for tests[1].

For the best clinical outcome, early detection is as important as the treatment itself when it comes to cancer. Facing cancer is scary, but we are by your side whenever and wherever you need us, with the aim to alleviate stress during your cancer journey.

How can we support your cancer treatment?

A one-stop cancer diagnostic appointment is given by specialist centres in the UK. If you have any concerns about your health, you can call Private Client by Bupa to discuss your initial symptoms with your Lifecare Concierge Manager.

Where appropriate, you could receive a one-stop diagnostic appointment within four working days of calling your Lifecare Concierge. With Bupa’s cancer approach you could receive your diagnosis during your first consultation.

Radiology, endoscopies, ultrasound scans, mammography, and even biopsies can be completed during the initial consultation. You could potentially receive your results that same day so you can plan the next steps of your healthcare straightaway. This is fast access to healthcare when you need it the most.

However, we understand that coping with such news can be overwhelming, so rest assured that you’ll have the full support of a multidisciplinary team and will work with them to create a plan of action tailored especially for you. There’s also a commitment from the health centres to begin treatment within 31 days.

The Bupa cancer approach helps reduce worrying wait times for some of the most common cancer types in the UK, such as breast, prostate, or bowel cancer, which together represent around half of all UK cancer cases[2]. This service comes at no extra cost to all our Private Client members.


[2] Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, accounting 15% of all cases in women and men combined (2016-2018). [1-4] and bowel (11%) according to Cancer Research UK.

One-stop cancer diagnosis appointment

Results could be given on the same day

Multidisciplinary team to tailor your personal cancer treatment

Commitment from medical centres to begin treatment within 31 days



Palpitations, chest pain, breathlessness, hypertension, or murmur are some common symptoms that our bodies have, to alert us that something might not be ok. Identifying suspected symptoms or experiencing other disorders is key for a fast cardiology referral – a service that is available to all Private Clients in the UK with no extra cost.

If you’re worried about your heart conditions, you can get a direct consultation with a cardiologist, without the need of an initial GP referral – and within 36 hours from first contacting us[3]. You and a family dependant can benefit from the rapid cardiac assessment service in hospitals and clinics in the Bupa network in the UK.*

The rapid cardiac assessment service reduces testing and wait time. You could see the right specialist at a one-stop appointment, without the need of a GP referral or other appointments before understanding what’s going on. A Lifecare Concierge Manager can help you book your initial triage call and guide you to the right specialists and correct treatment straightaway. During this one-stop cardiologist consultation, the specialist may discuss results and next steps of treatment with you.

Also, if you need extra tests or further diagnosis, you can get a second appointment within 24 working hours. Your medical results can also be shared in confidence with the relevant team to avoid duplications and reduce visits to specialists. Your treatment will also be reviewed by a multidisciplinary team, who will make sure your treatment starts straightaway.

[3] Bupa Internal MI, March 2023

How Fast Cardiac Diagnostic works

Fast response

Following specialist triage by phone, you’ll receive a virtual consultation with a cardiologist appropriate for your symptoms within 36 hours.

Test at home

A cardiologist will refer you for diagnostic tests if needed – we may even send you some diagnostic tests you can do from the comfort of your home.

Next steps

The cardiologist will advise if more tests or medication are needed and your medical report will be shared with your GP.

* This service is not suitable for medical emergencies. If you suspect that you or someone you’re with is having a heart attack, call 999 for medical help immediately.

As a company founded by doctors, healthcare is in our DNA. We have curated a complete service for the body and mind, for you and your family dependant, with premium international health insurance that is designed to be used.

After all, our purpose is very simple: helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world.

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