woman diving into pool
woman diving into pool
15th Oct 2021

More than healthcare, this is Lifecare.

For 50 years, Bupa Global has specialised in premium healthcare solutions. As the needs of our customers grow and change, so has what we offer.

Our newest service, Private Client by Bupa, offers an exceptional range of cover and benefits, designed to meet the specific needs of the global elite.

Our recent research showed that almost two thirds (59%) of the UK’s elite are now investing in their health and wellbeing, rather than luxury goods. A similar number (65%) said that the pandemic has prompted a renewed focus on their health and wellbeing over the past year.

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic has prompted a renewed focus on health and wellbeing – and these individuals are investing in preventive health measures to improve and maintain their health, staying in peak condition for as long as possible.

With this in mind, Private Client by Bupa focuses on prevention and holistic wellbeing, in addition to being there for customers when they need healthcare the most. A complete service for the mind, body and being, with plans that are designed to be used, it provides customers with access to some of the best health professionals and services that meet their health priorities.

The highest tier health plan, Ultimate, includes a Lifecare Concierge service and an annual health check from day one, and provides a truly private wellness journey: from private GPs for routine care, to direct access to private specialists and hospitals without the need for a referral. Each customer on this plan is appointed a named Lifecare Concierge Manager to handle all aspects of their individual or family health plan, with an understanding of their lifestyles, medical conditions, and provider preferences.

Neil Kirby, Marketing Director at Bupa Global, said: “Private Client by Bupa is an exciting first step in defining a new luxury ‘Lifecare’ category. This new proposition demonstrates our understanding of the ultra-high net worth market; we know this demographic is looking for a wellness partner, with a provider that understands their needs and priorities, helping to give them peace of mind that their health is in safe hands.”

Private Client by Bupa has been introduced to the UK, France, and the UAE.