Doctor in operating theatre
Doctor in operating theatre
26th Aug 2021

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A new form of premium international health insurance, Private Client by Bupa affords access to the latest treatment, wherever it is to be found

In June, reports of a new breakthrough in treating Alzheimer’s made international headlines, capturing the attention of health providers, private health insurers and patients alike. For the first time in almost two decades, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved Aducanumab1 (marketed as Aduhelm), a new form of Alzheimer’s treatment. Although not suitable for all patients, the drug has been shown to tackle the devastating brain disease itself, rather than just its symptoms, by removing toxic proteins from the brain and slowing cognitive decline.

Within hours of the news breaking, Carl Nordling received an email from one of his UK-based customers who wanted to know if the drug would be available through his Bupa Global plan, although it had yet to be cleared for use in the UK by the relevant regulatory authorities.

A Private Client by Bupa Sales Manager, Nordling had introduced the customer to Bupa's premium international healthcare product several months before on the principle that it would afford access to the best and latest healthcare globally, wherever it was to be found. Although Alzheimer’s Research UK predicts that the UK-based clinical approval process for Aduhelm will take until the middle of 2022 at the earliest2, the customer’s cover with Private Client by Bupa would provide access to the treatment in the country in which it was approved.

“We’ve also seen similar situations with other treatments such as cancer medications,” says Nordling. “As long as they’re effective and the clinical outcomes are reasonable, then the treatments are there for you, whether that’s in the UK or overseas.”

Available to individuals in search of end-to-end healthcare cover to support their wellbeing journey, Private Client by Bupa offers individuals and families a proactive, streamlined, straight-to-specialist approach to health and wellbeing. A premium form of international cover, Private Client by Bupa allows customers to get full use of their policy and supports their peace of mind knowing that that their health cover is in safe hands.

“We’ve found that our Private Client by Bupa customers want a one-stop solution. If they want to see a private GP, they can see a private GP. If they want to self-refer to a specialist, they can do that as well,” Nordling explains. “For a family with young children, the ability to self-refer to a paediatrician is invaluable. They wouldn’t even consider a private plan that required them to wait four days for a GP before getting a referral for their sick child.”

To make the whole process as efficient and seamless as possible, Private Client by Bupa has adopted a highly personalised, hands-on approach that is delivered to its Ultimate policyholders by specially trained Lifecare Concierge Managers who provide a dedicated, one-to-one service that proactively emphasises health and wellbeing, rather than merely responding to unfortunate episodes of ill health.

Much like the highly personalised, relationship-based service that a high-net-worth individual might receive from their private bank or premium airline scheme, Private Client by Bupa offers greater resources to its customers, including medical facilities, second medical opinions and emergency evacuation services.

Alongside the assurance that Ultimate clients will only ever have a single point of contact with their insurer, for their healthcare needs, Private Client by Bupa also provides customers with the reassurance that their potential needs are not only understood but anticipated, wherever they or their families might be located.

With the assistance of a Lifecare Concierge Manager, Private Client by Bupa also hopes to minimise the tendency to self-pay, a trend that has grown significantly throughout the global pandemic, by maximising each client’s use of their policy even when there is no barrier to payment.

“Our aim is to provide our clients with someone they know, by name and by face, who helps them navigate healthcare systems worldwide and maximise their policy,” Nordling explains. “Health insurance is all about high levels of interaction and personalised service, so the Lifecare Concierge helps customers get the most out of their plan, wherever they are around the world.”

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Private Client by Bupa is a premium service providing expertly curated health and wellbeing plans insured by Bupa Global.